5 Fun Family Game Night Ideas You Must Try

If feeling closer to your family is your mission, a family game or fun night are avenues worth exploring. In fact, 91% of Hasbro test subjects found that playing games as a family boosted their overall mood and bonding experience. Considering 76% of Americans feel like the time they spend with their families is inadequate, family fun or game night could be just what the doctor ordered to bring your family closer together. 

To help, we’ve got a few tips and game night suggestions to make family fun nights a recurring event in your home.

3 Tips to Make Family Game Night a Hit

1). The first step to creating a memorable family fun night is, well, making sure everyone’s there! Schedule your family night in advance so everyone can easily attend.

2). The last thing you want to do is make the family fun night a chore. Give everyone a chance to have a say in what family game night ideas and activities are planned and alternate between choices.

3). Keep a scoreboard of the winners from week to week to boost friendly-competition and the desire to play in the future.

Family Night Ideas


With dozens of karaoke games available, family karaoke night is an easy and fun way to make lasting memories with your loved ones. From “guess the song” to classic singing contests and song charades, there’s no shortage of family karaoke games for your next family fun night.

Family Night Singtrix Karaoke

Take your family game night to the next level with Singtrix® line of home karaoke equipment. The Stadium Edition Party Bundle features 375+ sound effects, a professional microphone, and a portable speaker perfect for a family fun night, teen birthday parties, kids birthday parties, and more! And since you can instantly connect all of your favorite songs, karaoke apps, or music streaming services, there’s no limit to the music selection available.

To help, we’ve put together a list of the best duet karaoke songs that make great karaoke songs for family night.


Charades is an easy, fun game people of all ages can play. All you’ll need to do is rip up some paper, write down some words, phrases, or characters to act out, put them in a hat and jumble them up! On each turn, one person will pick out a shredded paper and whatever is written on it will be what their teammates will need to guess. Allow for two or three minutes for each turn. The team with the shortest guessing time after however many rounds you choose to go is the winning team!

Classic Board Games

Classic board games are a foolproof family game night idea to get everyone in the spirit of some healthy competition. There are literally countless board games for families of all sizes and age groups to enjoy, all you’ll need to do is find the best board games for your audience. Some of the best board games of all time consist of Monopoly, Scrabble, Life, Clue, Candyland, and Risk.

Dance Party!

Get your bodies moving with a family dance party! This family fun night requires nothing but good music and some killer moves. Have everyone pick their favorite song to dance to and just let loose! If you want to turn this fun into a friendly-competition, have a dance-off or learn a new dance completely. From the “waltz” to the “wobble” there’s a “new” dance every family member can learn, and you’ll have enough laughs to last you a decade.

“Minute to Win It”

A “Minute to Win It” themed family game night is sure to deliver the excitement and suspense everyone can appreciate. This game night consists of small, somewhat difficult tasks family members must complete within a minute to be considered victorious. Minute-long challenges could be as “simple” as bouncing ping pong balls into six cups or blowing a feather across the room into a bucket. Make up any minute-challenge with resources you have lying around the house and have a ball!

Whether you’re cranking up the fun with karaoke songs for family night or plan to arrange multiple “Minute to Win It” challenges, Singtrix® karaoke products can make any family night activity that much better, helping make all of your future family fun nights unforgettable. Visit us today to see all the ways Singtrix® can elevate your next gathering! 

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