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Ebba rocks #DancingQueen #Singtrix
Ebba is using one of the hundres of Singtrix Song Presets. This one matches the vocal effects for this #ABBA song perfectly. Amazing!
Sweet Afton - Nickel Creek (Cover using Singtrix Karaoke Machine)
Here's a cover of one of our favorite songs. We used the Singtrix Karaoke Machine to get the cool vocal effect. Hope you like it!
Ebba sings "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" #Singtrix
So many presets to choose from. This "50's Radio" preset captures sound and attitude of this classic really well. Awesome!
Singtrix - Burning Bridges
Just giving a try this melodic song by OneRepublic. :0
Carolyn - I Was Here #Singtrix #Beyonce [HD]
12-year old Carolyn sings #Beyonce "I Was Here" on her #Singtrix machine... This thing is amazing and even tunes to her keyboard plugged into the Singtrix Studio. She's starting to use it with garage band and writing her own music. More performances
SingTrix - Love Runs Out
I mentioned to my niece that I will freak them out with this song. Hahahaha. My Shout Out to Singtrix (John Devecka)..... I really like this machine.
The auto tune threw me off a little bit here in there. Lol. It's a blast singing with this machine.
Jannie Rocks the #Singtrix & sings #SkinnyLove
Jannie does a beautiful performance of Skinny Love on her #Singtrix. Dialing in the right tone and the right amount of enhancement is so easy. From subtle studio quality effects to huge harmonies, this thing does it all
Singtrix Torsby
Singtrix - We love you!
Singtrix, vilken fantastisk maskin! Till och med jag kunde tydligen sjunga, vem hade kunnat tro det? Inte jag!