What is Singtrix? How does it compare to other karaoke systems?

Singtrix® is the world’s only plug-and-play karaoke system that uses studio quality vocal effects designed to make "bad singers sound good and good singers sound amazing!" Sing in-tune to your favorite hits with confidence. Just plug into the headphone output of your mobile device or computer and start singing. Singtrix® will tune your voice to the music track and add studio quality effects such as 4-part harmony or choir, reverb, delay and so much more.

Singtrix® Highlights

Nothing Compares

  • Other karaoke systems are glorified speakers with mics
  • Typical low-end systems are cheap, have poor sound quality, low volume, not loud enough for large parties, break easily, requires expensive karaoke discs for music, low quality mic and speaker, do not offer vocal enhancement
  • Typical high-end systems with louder speakers are expensive, do not offer vocal enhancement, have complicated interfaces, and require expensive karaoke music content


What comes in the SGTX2 Singtrix Premium Edition Party Bundle?

The Singtrix® 2nd-Gen Studio Effects Console

  • NEW 2nd-Gen Plug and Play "Studio" Effects Console with over 375 effects (vs 1st-Gen Model with 300 effects)
  • NEW effects categories including "Fixed Key", "Chromatic" and "Party" effects (see user's guide for details)
  • NEW MP3 Player with voice recording feature
  • NEW 2nd-Gen microchip processors offer improved high-def audio quality & effects 
  • NEW push button effects dial offers ease of navigation - jump to categories without having to scroll through each effect. Push button effects dial also offers easy access to the Live/Instrument live mode for the instrumentalists to plug in their guitar or keyboard instead of using a karaoke track.
  • Music Input – balanced 1/8” mini stereo jack (3.5mm)
  • Speaker Output 1 & 2 – balanced 1/8” mini stereo jack (3.5mm)
  • Mic input 1 & 2 – ¼” phono jack (mic 1 becomes the lead mic when both inputs used)
  • Weight: 440g
  • Dimensions: L-7.25” x W-5.75” x H-2.25”
  • Power Input: 5V 250mA Studio AC Power Supply
  • Input 100-240V, 50/60Hz 0.2A; Output 5V, 1000mA
  • Faceplate decorative color inserts

Singtrix® Microphone with Built-in HIT Button, and Pro Mic Stand with Boom Arm

  • Unique HIT control button
  • Dynamic HyperCardoid
  • Impedance: 600ohm(+/-15%)
  • Sensitivity : -53+/-3dB (at 1kHz) , (0dB=1mV/Pa)
  • Detachable mic cable - xlr to ¼” phone connector plug (tip/sleeve/ring)
  • Weight: 470g
  • Dimensions: L-10” x W-2” x H-2”

Singtrix® 2.1 Speaker

  • 40 Watts
  • 3” Left & Right Mid/High Range Stereo Speakers: 200Hz to 20KHz
  • Built-in Subwoofer 20Hz to 100Hz, Size 5.25”
  • Signal Input: Left & Right RCA connectors
  • Weight: 5Kg
  • Dimensions: L-12” x W-13” x H-11”
  • DC input 18V, 2.8 Amps
  • Speaker AC Power Supply - Input 100-240V, 50/60Hz 1.2A; Output 18V, 2800mA 15

Click Here For the Specs Sheet


What forms of payment does the Singtrix online store accept?

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When will my order ship?

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What is the Return Policy?

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Where do I get music and lyrics content?

You can find FREE Karaoke Videos here: https://singtrix.com/pages/freemusicoptions

Singtrix® karaoke machine requires a separate device to provide

  1. Music analog audio signal needed to establish a KEY for tuning and harmony effects
  2. Screen for lyrics

You can use almost any device with an analog headphone output. Singtrix® requires a 3.5mm stereo connection.

Many devices such as smart phones, laptops and tablets have both an audio output as well as screen for playing karaoke videos which have lyrics. From your device you can access apps and other services. Most customers use YouTube® for free karaoke video tracks. In the YouTube® search, just enter "karaoke" plus name of any song or artist right. Singtrix® has a YouTube® Channel with Karaoke YouTube® Playlists. You can also use standard songs from your current music library. In fact, a basic CD player will work as your music audio source.

With standard songs you are able to lower the song vocals using our SONG VOICE feature. With Singtrix®, you are not stuck with any specific app, operating system or music format.


What is a preset?

A preset is a customized formulation of our individual vocal effects working together to produce a cool vocal sound.

Some presets will have more or less of a specific type of effect. This holds true for pitch-correction. Some presets will emulate current artists who utilize hard-tune effects that intentionally sound "robotic". Other presets will be geared towards more natural or subtle tuning. Experiment and refer to the preset booklet for the presets that suit you and your song choices.

In addition, each preset has an "enhanced", "semipro" and "pro" setting that can be adjusted using the SKILL LEVEL button. Enhanced will have the “heaviest” effects and pitch correction levels.

Use the Effects Dial to select your preset effects. Quickly spin the dial left or right to jump 100 presets at a time.

Preset List & Guide

Song FX Reference List

What individual effects are used in a preset?

The following is a list of individual effects that may be combined & formulated to make a single Preset:

  • Thicken
  • Tube
  • Rotor
  • Panner
  • Flanger
  • Wah-wah
  • Chorus
  • (18) Delays
  • (13) Delay Filters
  • (28) Reverbs
  • (10) Doubling
  • (25) Harmony
  • (7) Hard Tune™ or Pitch Correction
  • Voice & Gender-Morphing
  • Megaphone
  • Radio
  • Telephone
  • Overdrive
  • Distortions & Other Tone Filters

What else do I need to know about presets?

Navigating - Push the Effects dial and select an effects category, or spin the dial quickly to jump 50-100 effects at a time. Use the preset list as reference.

Favorites Presets - Singtrix comes with hundreds of preset effects. Save your top 10 favorites by pressing and holding the Mic Volume button for 10 seconds.

Party Favorites Presets - These are 20 of the best effects to use with first time users and party guests. There is something for every type of singer and will prevent guest from waiting while users try to scroll through the 400+ effect library.

Universal Presets - are versatile, best for beginners, and sounds great with any type of music. Some universal effects presets are styled to match certain genres of music e.g. country, rock, hip hop, or big pop sounds. Effects named “TUNED” offers the most pitch-correction.

Semi Pro Presets - are our recommended presets for singers with already great voices that want subtle tuning and other enhancements, but want the option to add harmonies.

Genre Presets Effects - designed to match a specific music genre.

Extreme Presets - offer dozens of transformative effects. Want to sing like a Robot? Pixies or famous baritones? Singtrix has you covered. Tip: Get the family singing favorite holiday songs with “Choir Singers” and create a new tradition together. Try “announcements”, and sound like a sportscaster. Try “ventriloquist” and sound like a puppeteer using the “HIT” button to toggle between 2 voices. “Scary” is a perfect effect for Halloween pranks. Hide the speaker by the door or window and scare an unsuspecting “trick-or-treater”.

Song Presets - are a series of custom designed presets to best match the vocal style of some classic karaoke favorites. Some song presets can be difficult for beginners

Chromatic Presets - offers no vocal tuning when the HIT button is off. Activating the HIT button turns on pitch-correction, harmonies and other effects.

Fixed Key - Presets allow users to set the vocal tuning and harmonies to their desired Key. For example A+MAJ means A# Major, and AMIN means A Minor.

Be Creative! There is no right and wrong way to use Singtrix effects. People have different abilities, range, musical tastes and styles. Experiment, have fun and use what works for you and your voice. Many users will only use a handful of presets for an entire session of singing.

What preset should I use when I need little or no effect?

You can:

  • Use any of the presets with "Pro" in the name (e.g. Pro Trio etc.), which offer comparatively fewer overall effects enhancement.
  • Lower amount of overall effects by switching the SKILL LEVEL setting from Enhanced to Pro.
  • Try Preset 131 - Dry vs Singtrix®
  • Try Preset 140 - This is a blank place holder preset
  • Try Preset 347 - End of list blank preset
  • Don't forget these fun authentic sounding announcer Presets (136 Announcements, 102 Arena Announcer)
  • When using 2 microphones, Mic Input 2 will have basic effects only with no pitch correction or harmonies

Preset List & Guide

Song FX Reference List

Can I sing without pitch-correction or harmony effects?

Yes, the Chromatic Preset Effects Category offers no vocal tuning when the HIT button is off. Activating the HIT button turns on pitch-correction, harmonies and other effects.

Or you can bypass all key related effects such as pitch-correction and harmony by plugging in (2) mics and using the mic plugged into "Mic Input 2". When (2) microphones are plugged in at the same time, only "Mic Input 1" will have harmonies and pitch-correction. "Mic Input 2" will have all the other lush effects.

If you do not have a second microphone, you can use a ¼" cable or adapter into "Mic Input 1" to trick the system into behaving like there are (2) microphones plugged in.

If you want to minimize the pitch correction but still keep the harmonies, use Mic Input 1 and set the SKILL LEVEL button to Semi-Pro or Pro settings. This reduces the amount of pitch correction but still implements harmonies when the HIT button is on.

How do I set the proper mix levels?

Singtrix® uses pro quality effects technology and should sound amazing. You can test this by simply plugging headphones directly into the Studio Console speaker output and singing into the mic while trying the various presets. The sound will be pure and pristine, and a clear indication of the audio quality Singtrix® can provide.

The Singtrix® Studio comes with volumes that default to recommended levels after powering on. Simple adjustments are required between the music device used and the Singtrix® Speaker System.

Note: the mix of music to vocals should match the mix of the original song. If the music is too low, then the vocals and corresponding effects will be very prominent - such as "too much reverb" or "too much echo". The louder the music, the more the vocal effects will mix into the song and sound like the actual track.

Simple steps for optimal mix:

  1. Make sure the music input and speaker outputs are correct (and ALL plugs firmly inserted)
  2. Plug your music device into the Singtrix® Studio music input
  3. Turn the volume of your music device to near zero
  4. Turn the Singtrix® Studio on and off to reset default volumes
  5. Turn on the speaker and put the volume at 3 O’clock or about 3/4 volume; same with treble and bass
  6. Play your device and turn the volume up while singing
  7. Increase your music device volume until you get a good mix

To get a brief overview of Singtrix® and how our format is different than other systems, please download the Quick-Start Guide:

Can I use the Singtrix karaoke machine with instruments or in live band performance applications?

Yes, Singtrix® requires a music input to establish key for tuning and harmony effects unless you select a "Fixed Key" preset. Singtrix® defaults its automatic tuning to C-Major when first powered on. Singtrix® can be used with live instruments that have a line output/headphone output, and volume control. Original recorded song compositions, live instruments including guitar and keyboards, as well as a live music feed from a stage PA system can be used in place of standard karaoke tracks.

The Studio Music Input requires a 3.5mm stereo connector coming from your instrument or device’s line output or headphone output. Depending on the cables used for the output of your instrument or device, a different cable or audio adapter may be required. For example, to plug a guitar using ¼” phono guitar cable directly into the music input, you will need an adapter that goes from a ¼” mono phono plug to a 3.5mm male stereo plug. There are a variety of standard audio adapters and cable plug combinations on the market that can work for your specific requirements (e.g. RCA to 3.5mm stereo, left/right ¼” mono phono cable to 3.5mm stereo).

You will need a volume control on your instrument or alternate music device to establish the correct mix between the background music and Singtrix® Microphone. Follow the same standard procedure as when using standard karaoke tracks from a tablet, phone or PC.

Press the SONG VOICE and SKILL LEVEL buttons at the same time for 5 seconds while the unit is on and it will remove the latency/audio delay. This is critical when playing an instrument as the accompaniment.

How do I remove vocals from standard songs and can I use songs in other languages?

The Singtrix® karaoke machine will work with any high quality music source regardless of language or country of origin. Pitch-correction and harmony effects may not function optimally when used with exotic keys (such as microtonal music) outside of major and minor. The SONG VOICE feature lowers existing vocals on standard songs by cutting the frequency range attributed to vocals, therefore language is not a factor. This feature is primarily a secondary or back-up feature to the host of karaoke music content available. For example, YouTube® has thousands of free karaoke tracks in all different languages available for free. Just search "karaoke" and the name of any song or artist to see all the content. You can even create your own personalized karaoke play lists for use during your private Singtrix® sessions or next party event. In addition, there are a host of more professional-grade karaoke apps available for mobile devices. You're not locked in to one source!

Can I interface Singtrix with other software, apps and systems?

Singtrix® connectivity relies on only analog signals. Music into Singtrix® must be analog and the audio output coming out of Singtrix® is analog. There is no digital interlace available to work with recording software, apps and other systems. If new firmware or preset updates become available, files along with an update utility will be available on the website.

Do you recommend a remote battery pack for Singtrix?

Yes! We have tested Singtrix® with the DURACELL POWERPACK 600 BACKUP UNIT backup battery pack playing music at full volume for 10+hours on a single charge.

This and other comparable brands units may offer similar results.

The Singtrix® effects module is 5V, 400mA with AC power adapter, and the Singtrix® speaker is 40watts,18V 2.8A with AC adapter.

Can I use my PA or other sound systems with Singtrix?

Yes! Singtrix® can be used with a professional PA sound system. There are (2) audio outputs, so (2) speaker systems can be used at the same time, including headphones.

Note that higher quality sound reinforcement is recommended and will allow Singtrix® to perform optimally. Using Singtrix® with a headphone will give you the purest Singtrix® sound quality. Use this as a baseline comparison when deciding on which secondary speaker system to use.

Can I use Singtrix with (2) Mics?

Yes! Mic input 1 is the lead, and offers pitch-correction and harmony effects. Mic 1 can only be used by one singer at a time. Singtrix® is only able to pitch-correct and harmonize one voice at a time.

Mic input 2 offers amazing core effects such as lush reverbs, delay and dynamic tone equalization. Since there is no pitch correction or harmonies applied to Mic 2, multiple backup singers can share the mic.

Also note that when using another mic with the Singtrix® Microphone, make sure you select a mic with similar high sensitivity and response as the Singtrix® mic so the volumes are even. Otherwise you can use a mic preamp for volume control so that you can balance it with the Singtrix® Microphone.

Buy a Single Singtrix® Microphone!

Can I use Singtrix with other mic systems?

Other microphone systems including wireless can be used with Singtrix®, however you lose the ability to control the HIT feature from the mic. Instead, you will have to use the HIT button directly on the Singtrix® Studio console.

In addition, the Singtrix® Mic is very dynamic with high sensitivity so that singing is effortless. Other mice may not be as sensitive as our mic. To compensate for this, we recommend using a microphone pre-amp with your mic for separate volume/gain control.

You may also need a ¼" phono plug adapter to plug into the Singtrix® Studio console.

Can I record just the vocal signal without music in the output mix?

The Singtrix® Studio does not have a built-in recording feature, but you can record the analog audio signal coming out of the speaker output on the console into a computer, mp3 recorder etc.

If you write and record your own music, and you are trying to isolate just your vocals for recording so you can mix vocals and music later, here are some work-arounds. You will need to establish the key by playing your music through Singtrix® (into the music input) for 10-15 seconds. The default key when Singtrix® is powered up is C. If your song is in E Minor for example, playing your song through Singtrix® will set it to E Minor until you change it by playing a song in another key or you re-power Singtrix® which resets it back to the default key. After you set the key, disable the music feed going into Singtrix® and just sing along with your music track played through your multitrack recording system. The audio output coming out of Singtrix® will only have your vocals. Any key-dependent effects presets using pitch correction and harmonies will match with the key of the song last played through Singtrix®. In this example, the key is E Minor. If the key changes in your song, you will have to repeat these steps for each key.

Another option is to use the Fixed Key Presets which allows users to set the vocal tuning and harmonies to their desired Key. For example A+MAJ means A# Major, and AMIN means A Minor.

Can I use Singtrix with a TV?

Yes, depending on your existing equipment. You may need to discuss this with your local electronics store representative.

Common configurations:

  • Computer Video Output/HDMI > TV > TV Audio Output to Singtrix®
  • Singtrix® Music Input > Computer Headphone Output/ Computer Video Output > TV
  • Mobile Device > Chromecast > TV/ TV Audio Output > Singtrix® Music Input
  • Mobile Device > Apple TV > TV/TV Audio Output > Singtrix® Music Input

Note: If your TV doesn't have an analog headphone output, you can use a digital to analog adapter. Optical or coaxial to RCA adapters are inexpensive option if the Television has these audio outputs. You will need an additional cable that goes from the RCA connections on the adapter to the 3.5mm stereo music input of the Singtrix® effects console.

When using a computer for audio and TV for Video, you must first become familiar with the computer's specific soundcard and audio settings options. Many computers allow you to play audio from the computer headphone output while playing video on a TV.

Will Singtrix work with my existing karaoke system?

It depends. Singtrix® requires an analog audio signal to detect song key in order for its tuning and harmony effects to work properly. If your Karaoke system has a headphone output or other audio output, that will need be connected to the Singtrix® music input. Audio adapters may be required to make this connection.

Finally, any speaker or amplification system must be directly connected to the Singtrix® speaker output. This signal chain is required: Karaoke Player > Singtrix® Music Input/Singtrix® Speaker Output > Speaker System. A speaker or amplification system cannot bypass the Singtrix® speaker output. For example, if your karaoke system has a built in speaker system, the music played on the karaoke system must not be played directly to it's internal speaker. The music heard coming out of the Singtrix® speaker output will be out of sync with the music coming out of the karaoke player's internal speaker system.


What do I do if I hear feedback or distortion?

If using a karaoke app other than Singtrix®, you must turn off the app device’s internal microphone. Please refer to your music device's specific instructions.

If you're using a second microphone, make sure it is not near and pointed directly at the Singtrix® Speaker.

If you experience any hum, buzzing or distortion out of the speaker, it is commonly caused by incorrect volume settings or a plug not fully inserted (speaker plug) into the back of the Studio Console speaker output. To isolate problems or noise attributed to the speaker itself, you can try plugging in your music device such as a tablet or phone directly to the speaker bypassing the Singtrix® console.

Support Documents: SGTX2

SGTX2 Setup Guide SGTX2 Combo Setup Guide SGTX2 Preset List (375+) SGTX2 MP3 User Manual SGTX2 Spec Sheet SGTX2 EU User Manual

SGTX1 (discontinued)

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