Singtrix Features

The same tech the pros use

Singtrix's advanced vocal tuning technology makes bad singers sound good and good singers sound great. It's the same tech the pros use to sound amazing live in concert, now ready for your living room!

Sound great, always

Bad singers sound good and good singers sound amazing with Singtrix®! Even the shyest singers will get a boost of confidence and sing the night away.

Any song is in range

Sia, Barry White, Freddie Mercury, Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande: any song is in your range with Singtrix®'s pitch-bending and gender-bending vocal effects.

Works with live instruments

Just plug your guitar or keyboard into the Singtrix® Studio Controller, and our advanced vocal tuning tech will analyze the music and tune your voice to it, all live.

Turn your living room
into a stage


A customized selection of our vocal effects working together to produce a cool sound. Each preset has an enhanced, semipro & pro setting. Enhanced will have the “heaviest” effects & pitch correction levels.

187 Song Presets

Sound like the singer of your favorite songs with effect stylized to iconic hits.

49 Extreme Presets

Want to sing like a Robot? Pixies or famous baritones? Singtrix has you covered.

38 Universal Presets

Versatile, best for beginners, & sound great with any type of music.

86 Rock Presets

From arena rock & jam band effects to metal, punk, grunge, & modern rock, you can rock like any star.

24 Hip-Hop Presets

From old school rap to tuning low or high, we've got the effect to make your hip-hop dreams come true.

23 Country Presets

From country to cowboy & everything in between. Get your 10-gallon hat & cowboy boots ready.

97 Pop Presets

From boy bands & power ballades to classic hits, we have everything you need to sing the latest chart toppers.

75 Old-Timey Presets

From Classic Rock & Motown to 50’s Radio & Broadway Hits, sound like any era.

70 Specialty Presets

For more experienced musician, we have you covered with semi pro, fixed key & chromatic presets.

Live your Rock Star Dreams

Our FX Engine

120+ pro effects formulated together by studio engineers to re-create a recording studio vocal production.

38 Harmony & Doubling

Turns your voice into a 4-part harmony, Motown-style backup singers, duet, & much more.


From natural to “Hard Tuning” (Advanced Vocal Tuning), sing any song & hit notes you never knew you could.

18 Delays

Hold notes out for days with echo effects that make singing ballads easy & so much fun.

28 Reverbs

Sound like you're singing in the bath or on a concert stage, our effects are truly immersive.

24 Modulation

Thickens your voice with various chorusing, phase shifting, flanging effects & more.

Adaptive Tone & More

Intelligent EQ dynamically shapes each singer’s voice, plus dozens of other enhancements so everyone sounds their best.

Hear Singtrix®

Pro Quality Components

Designed by musicians with pro tech & components used on stage & in the studio. 
Simple plug & play, great power & fidelity, open format & modular.

Singtrix Studio Controller

The Hit Effect

2.1 Multimedia Speaker

Any Music, Any Device

Technical Specs

The Singtrix® Studio Console

375+ Professional Vocal Effects

- Hit Effect - "larger than life" harmonies & effects combinations
- Song Voice - lowers vocals in standard songs
- My Voice - (3) skill levels
- Mic & Main Volumes

- 3.5mm Audio Input - accepts any music device
- (2) Stereo Speaker Outputs: combine Singtrix® speakers, headphones & PA systems

Mic 1 Input
- Offers full “Hit” & “Non-Hit” effects
- Offers pitch-correction & harmonies
- For one singer at a time

Mic 2 Input
- For use with 2nd mic
- Lush Reverbs, Delays & Dynamic EQ
- Works with multiple singers
- No pitch-correction or harmonies

Singtrix® Microphone

- Built-In “HIT” Button Controls Effects

- Professional-Quality, Weighted & Perfectly Balanced

- Tuned for the Singtrix® Studio

- Ultra-Sensitive and Responsive

- Use up to (2) Mics with the Studio – one lead, one backup

2.1 Home Theater Speaker System

-Hi-Fidelity Stereo Speaker System

- Built-In Subwoofer

- 40 Watts of Power

- Designed for the Optimal Singtrix® Experience

- Ultra-Compact, Lightweight & Portable

- Volume, Treble & Bass Controls

- Can be Combined with 2nd Speaker System

- Use for Music, Gaming and Movies!

Start Singing