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"i love love love singtrix because its a family gathering when you take it out! no matter how badly you sing...you sound like a pro!!!"
-Whoopi Goldberg The View Co-Host, Comedian, Actress, Singer-Songwriter, Activist


"[applause] Nice!…Nice!…WOW!!!…Nice!....My offer is $1.5 million…I will finance all your orders going forward..." [Tweet @TheSharkDaymond] "I've got to get @SingTrix for some of my speaking engagements! RT if you agree #SharkTank"
-Daymond John Shark Investor, ABC's SHARKTANK • Season 6 Episode 7 / Twitter Oct 31


"WOW!!… WOW!!…That’s crazy!!…[applause] AMAZING!!!…WOW!!!.....Well you guys are impressive and I’d like to be involved here…I like what Kevin offered you…$1.5 [million]…"
-Lori Greiner Shark Investor, ABC's SHARKTANK • Season 6 Episode 7

"[applause] Oh My God!….WOOOW!!!.....I’m gonna make you an offer…I’ll give you 1.5 million…"
-Robert Herjavec Shark Investor, ABC's SHARKTANK • Season 6 Episode 7

"[applause] WOW!!...Let me throw out an offer here, I’ll give you $1.5 million….I’d join her [Lori Greiner] on that deal…" [Tweet @kevinolearytv] "I could use one of these in my shower! #SingTrix #SharkTank"
-Kevin O'Leary AKA “Mr Wonderful” Shark Investor, ABC's SHARKTANK • Season 6 Episode 7 / Twitter Oct 31

"[applause] WOW!!…WOW!!!…I’LL BE A CUSTOMER...."
-Mark Cuban Shark Investor, ABC's SHARKTANK • Season 6 Episode 7


[Tweet @robertherjavec] "Didn’t make the deal but still love the product. Herjavec Group got to try @singstrix out and rocked it #SharkTank #SingTrix"
-Robert Herjavec Shark Investor, ABC's SHARKTANK • Twitter Oct 31

"Singtrix has transformed our basement into a karaoke concert hall. My kids can do a full One Direction concert, my wife can let loose on ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ and when Dad has some alone time, he might just slip downstairs to belt out an Enrique Iglesias power ballad. Singtrix is a total blast." [Tweet @WillieGeist] "it's called @Singtrix. It will change your life. And sometimes the fire department will come by. singtrix.com"
-Willie Geist Today Show Co-Anchor, MSNBC Morning Joe, NBC News

"2015 @EdisonAwards #Nominee @singtrix is on @ABCSharkTank tonight! Featuring vocal harmonies so good it's #spooky"
-Edison Awards @EdisonAwards • Tweet Oct 31

"Singtrix is so unbelievably fun!! I can sound like any of my favorite singers, I’m Adele! I’m Aretha Franklin! I’m Celine Dion!!"
-Delilah Rene Luke Radio Personality & Host of the Nationally Syndicated Show "Delilah", Author, Songwriter

"After seven years of voice lessons, it wasn’t until Singtrix came along that my rendition of 'Cups' sounded so good."
-Katie Linendoll Emmy Award winning TV personality, Tech Expert Contributor, Writer, ESPN, Spike, TodayShow, CBS News, A&E

"I wanted to propose to my girlfriend Angie by singing our favorite love song - but I can't sing really well. I read about this new karaoke machine called Singtrix that makes you sound better by tuning your voice but it wasn't released yet. So I wrote to them. Crazy! The next day, the Guitar Hero creators (who made Singtrix) actually called me. They sent me a pre-release unit and gave me some pointers over the phone and wished me luck! They were totally cool...No pressure. Then, my friends and I built a surprise winter wonderland in my backyard just for the performance. I was soooo nervous! How did I sound?"
-Sean & Angie Finson First Singtrix “AutoTune” Wedding Proposal on Youtube, Customer, True Romantics

"★★★★★ So very much fun !!! It makes me want to sing all the day long !! What a thrill to sound so good, and it encourages you to "belt it out"…Amazing technology!"
-Amazon.com Verified Purchaser


"★★★★★ What a great time were having with the Grandkids. They love it and sing beautifully. An awesome gift"
-Amazon.com Verified Purchaser

"★★★★★ Worth the money! Very glad to have purchased this awesome karaoke machine. So much fun! All the components seem to be very high quality and work as advertised. I play guitar so I also use it just as a microphone to sing while I play and it works great for that too….”
-Amazon.com Verified Purchaser


"★★★★★ good product…Very nice loved it"
-USA Federal Credit Union Verified Amazon Purchase February 21, 2015


"★★★★★ This thing is amazing. I love karaoke, very few of my friends do. I figured this was a good way to introduce them and show how fun it is. Everyone thinks they can't sing, but once you demonstrate how this can actually make you sound a thousand times better, they go for it. For the little more advance crowd, it pairs perfectly with a pro karaoke software on a PC…"
-Amazon.com Verified Purchaser


"★★★★★ Like Magic!!! I love this gadget! My vocals are actually improving slowly. I am using with headphones instead of the speaker to really work on my voice with Singtrix."
-Amazon Review


  1. "★★★★★ Overall I love it, wife LOOOVVEESSS IT, kids love it. Therefore........ worth it." 

-Amazon.com Review


"★★★★★ It is fantastic, works beyond expectations. Used it for family gatherings and hliday. Used constantly. works great with IPAD and youtube video kareoke's available. Gave it to my son and his family. Best gift I have given him in a long time!!!!! "
-Amazon.com Review


"★★★★★ Awesome! After seeing it on Shark Tank, gave it a try. Really easy, really works well. Pro to amateur, this does it all. Works with standard karaoke applications. Great for parties and family events! For the amateur, it adjusts your voice if you're off a bit....so great confidence builder for "non-singers" with all the effects included."
-Amazon.com Verified Purchaser


"★★★★★ Best Christmas Gift Ever! We went to my brother in laws on Christmas Day (yesterday) and they were blessed by Santa with this awesome singing device. They had it set up next to their piano, and all the family had fun singing to "Let it Go" and other popular songs. At the end of the night my BIL said he ordered two accidentally to ensure one came in time for Christmas. Needless to say, we were home with ours in an hour and our entire family from the 1 year old to the 14 year old LOVED singing to their favorite christmas songs and popular songs from the radio. The 14 year old set everything up within 20 minutes and we even had an extra microphone lying around that was used for duets. This thing is: simple, affordable, and used seamlessly with youtube. The sound in the speakers is incredible! We enjoyed singing sweet songs like "Amazing Grace" just as much as silly songs like "Because I'm all About that Bass". I love this kind of good old fashioned entertainment. Nintendo watch out, there's a new kind of fun in the house! The other negative reviews on this machine are strictly tied into folks who don't own a smartphone or ipad. We love using this with our ipad and have only used the youtube app. All you do is search for the song you want followed by the word "karaoke". We've found the "karaoke channel" is one of our favorite users on youtube. As far as price goes, I've paid much more for playstation/nintendo devices and games, etc. and I find this entertainment to be more valuable because it's something the whole family can do together and it's creative and fun. I don't have to worry about my kinds "overloading" on this like I do with video games. Thank you for creating such a high quality product and for bringing my family together with the power of music!"
-Amazon.com Review


"★★★★★ Best kareoke experience EVER! Singtrix is amazing!! Puts all other kareoke machines to shame. Easy set up, really solid, professional feel to the amp, stand, microphone and studio. Since my daughter opened it on Friday, the entire family has been playing with it non stop! One of the best features of Singtrix is that you use your phone/tablet for the music input--you can use any music from anywhere (YouTube, kareoke apps, itunes), just connect your phone/tablet to Singrtrix and you're off! That was a huge selling point for me; I didn't want to have to buy special kareoke CDs! Singtrix makes you feel like a kid in a candy shop...if the candy was music!! 375 different singing filters/effects, ranging from Motown to various pop singers, aliens to Barry White. I can't recommend it enough! "
-Amazon.com Review

"★★★★★ Opened up our Singtrix today. After a minor glitch in putting it together (I thought I was missing a pole but it was inside another pole), we turned it on and began singing!!! I've never done karaoke before so didn't know any apps to use so started with Amazing Grace, which is free on the Singrix App. It sounded awesome! Then my 11-year old daughter told me I can get karaoke songs on you tube. We haven't stopped singing all night. Even my 9 year old twin boys love it!! We were all fighting for the microphone!! This is going to be so much fun when our adult friends come over. Worth the price (although I got it on the singtrix site and didn't pay twice as much like some of the prices on amazon now). I'm going to get another microphone so we can do duets!"
-Amazon.com Review

"★★★★★ thanks to the t.v. show Shark Tank,...... i had to wait for this to become available, but it was worth the wait.,.lots of fun, a Quality seriously.professional sounding music & voice system. "
-Amazon.com Verified Purchaser

"★★★★★ Fantastic Good Fun, Great Purchase… This was a great purchase and investment in family fun times. We set up this system in our living room and connected to You tube videos over the internet. Everyone was able to use this and everyone sounded reasonably good, even those of us who have no business singing! Thanks to auto tune, everyone had the ability to get up and have a great time."
-Amazon.com Verified Purchaser

"★★★★★ best karaoke ever. We have the singtrix for over a month now and let me tell you it's GREAT my kids and me play with it almost everyday "
-Amazon.com Verified Purchaser


"★★★★★ Absolutely Love This Machine!! I just sent an email to my cousin who also loves to sing and stated simply..."Buy this....don't ask any questions, just buy this." I cannot express how much fun my family and I have had on this machine...!! "
- Amazon.com Verified Purchaser


"★★★★★ STOP WASTING YOUR LIFE AND BUY THIS ALREADY!!!! I've had my Singtrix for a few months now and it's AMAZING. If you are feeling insecure about singing in front of a group, it will boost your confidence because it auto tunes your voice! Every party it comes out and is always a hit. There are literally hundreds of settings so you can tailor your voice to whatever song you're singing. The setup is easy and will make you feel like a star with the mic stand and amp, as opposed to singing out of a cheesy karaoke machine. I want to start getting these for people as gifts! Maybe it's just selfish so that when I visit them I'll always have access to a Singtrix. A+++++"
-Amazon.com Review

"★★★★★ 5 Awesome Karaoke! This is the best karaoke system I've ever used! We got it this past Christmas and it's been the biggest hit with all of our guests and friends. We can't believe how many friends want to give it a try, and the next thing we know, we're having another "Singtrix Party". If you're a good singer, you can use the "pro" setting to sound like yourself. But, if you need a little "help", you can use the "enhanced" or "semi-pro" setting and sound GREAT! The speaker is loud enough to pump up the entire house, or quiet down for one room. Even our kids can use it-- We have a five year old and an eight year old. They sing on it all of the time and so do all of their friends! It was the center of my son's 8th birthday party! I would highly recommend this product if you want a QUALITY microphone and karaoke system!"
-Amazon.com Review


"★★★★★ Fun and cool… My family has big fun with this every weekend!"
-Amazon.com Verified Purchaser


"★★★★★ Singtrix is the REAL DEAL!! Prepare to have the most fun you've ever had singing!"
-Amazon.com Review


"★★★★★ This is such a cool piece of equipment and fun for kids and adults. I am amazed at how this is available to the consumer now. A few years ago one would have to have so much equipment and costs would be prohibitive. Now everyone can enjoy Karaoke!"
-Crutchfield Customer Review


"★★★★★ Singtrix Party Bundle is a blast! My husband and I bought it from Crutchfield…less than two weeks before Christmas to give to our 12 year-old daughter. She loves it! Her friends love it! Easy to set up, easy to use, and has multiple levels of use for vocals… I'm sure we haven't discovered all the variety of ways this product can be used. I couldn't resist and played with it for nearly an hour by myself (I'm over 50) when everyone else was out. TOO MUCH FUN!!!"
-Crutchfield Customer Review

"★★★★★ wonderful we are having so much fun!!!!!!!!!! everyone needs one !!!!! great for parties!!!!!"
-Crutchfield Customer Review

"★★★★★ Now we're all super stars! I ordered the singtrix bundle as a family gift for Christmas. it arrived super fast, was packaged so that snooping eyes didn't know what it was (it was a surprise) and turned out to be a big hit with my family. We had a blast and learned who among us can throw inhibitions aside! The voice enhancements are fun for the kids and can actually make you sound, well, better at least. Some of us are 'unfixable'. Great idea for family fun."
-Crutchfield Customer Review


"★★★★★ SO much fun! Relatively easy set up and away you go. Awesome modern karaoke set on steroids. Love the sound effects. One happy kiddo and fun for the whole family."
-Crutchfield Customer Review


"★★★★★ This karaoke package is everything as advertised. We were amazed at the sound and how easily it is to use. What an awesome product. Look forward to getting together with friends and family to enjoy the Singtrix."
-Crutchfield Customer Review


"★★★★★ I have added the singtrix to my music studio, now anyone who chooses to sing with our band can duplicate the original artist and develop more harmony and increase there performance level, very cool product Pros: A+++++"
-Crutchfield Customer Review

"★★★★★ Bought this for my wife for her birthday. She's a big Karaoke junkie and has been singing since she was a little girl. She's used to using other products like the Magic Sing, but after seeing a few videos on Youtube I decided to pull the trigger on the Singtrix. Wife was not disappointed. She loves using the tons of voice effects. Fortunately for me, the effects have an auto tune feature that can mask my lousy singing voice. My five year old daughter also uses it and loves it. We'll be breaking this bad boy out for Thanksgiving and having the whole family use it."
-Crutchfield Customer Review

"★★★★★ After seeing Singtrix featured on Shark Tank we were afraid it would not live up to the hype but it did. Easy to assemble and use with a wide range of options for vocals, a very unique product and a great gift Item."
-Crutchfield Customer Review


"★★★★★ Obsessed! Love, love, love! My friends and I have too much fun pretending we're on stage with this! It does exactly as it says and makes us sound like the rockstars that we certainly aren't. Highly recommend!"
-Target Customer Review


"★★★★★ I love it! I love Singtrix. I bought an extra microphone and we cannot stop singing. Easy to assemble by watching youtube video. I get all the songs from youtube and transfer it to my smart tv for ez viewing"
-Target Customer Review

"★★★★★ Amazing! I had so much fun doing karaoke on the Singtrix machine. My family and I love karaoke and now we can finally sound like professionals when we do it :) I could do this for hours!"
-Target Customer Review


"★★★★★ creates the party! you can bring this thing anywhere and a party starts, even the low key get togethers I've had with friends and family turn into a full blown karaoke session with cheering and laughing. this really creates a party anywhere it goes"
-Target Customer Review


"★★★★★ Singtrix are for kids AND adults!!! Huge fan of this - bought this with mixed expectations but I've had nothing but fun with Singtrix. I'm a horrible singer, so it helps that I can sound like T-Pain instead of my normal terrible singing voice! My only reservation is that it sometimes takes a while to scroll through all the options before actually getting to sing. Overall I would absolutely suggest bringing this to your next party!"
-Target Customer Review


"★★★★★ I have an absolutely horrible voice, and Singtrix seriously made me sound like I belonged on the radio. My family (everyone from my 10 year old cousin to my 88 year old grandma!) had a ton of fun at our last get together when I brought this with me. I'd highly recommend Singtrix for any party or just to hang out with your friends and family!"
-Target Customer Review

"★★★★★ I'm A Rockstar! I use this in my vocal studio for my music students to have fun with. My teenagers think that Singtrix is the coolest and my 9 year old son also loves it. It has great effects for creative studio projects too. Priced fairly for its technology. Many pro gear units can be far more expensive. Singtrix has targeted the consumer market and has made a product with an easy learning curve."
- By Academy Of Diva Arts


"★★★★★ Fun and FUNNY with ALL Ages Played "Band Practice" with 3 and 11 year old nephews as well as with older adults and college kids! Had a blast!! Some issues at first with clashing pitches were taken care of when we FINALLY read the information to learn how pitch was determined. I'd recommend the fun and excitement to nearly anyone!"
- By Danax214


"★★★★★ my girlfriend loves it she love it. my girlfriend loves karaoke. we had a karaoke party this past weekend with family and friends, and people that didn't want to sing from my last karaoke party, they wanted to sing all night.she enjoyed it and are friend's did too. I would recommend this singtrix karaoke machine to all my friends."
- By Lanie

"Being a Non Singer and amateur guitarist, I ordered the SingTrix from Amazon to see what the AutoTune was all about after seeing the SingTrix on Shark Tank and also the Today Show. I figured this would be fun for me and fit into my other electronic instruments. It has over 340 different voices, 1000s of songs in the SingTrix App, a professional Mic with stand, and a 40 Watt Amp. Being a non singer, this was a perfect test and is really a blast to play with to boot. I can just imagine what a good singer could do with this. I love it. "
- NightFlyyer YouTube Customer Review & Performance Demonstration


"I sincerely apologize for not earlier expressing my deep appreciation to you for my Singtrix. I delayed so I could report that after a lifetime of trying, I was singing like a bird (finally, not a crow ! , “off key”, I considered a compliment ! Actually, I so destroyed the key that the composer’s name changed to Francis Scott.
I am now going to concentrate on your instructions for beginners, which brings me to my experience with Singtrix. Naturally, at 90+ [yrs old] I have been plagued all my life by products-to-assemble, from Ikea to toys to mountain bikes (& including the primer on plastic explosives that almost caused the death of buddies and myself in the Combat Engineers.) So I was naturally intimidated by the large number of parts, wires and major electronic devices plus the overwhelming- looking set up manual.
To my surprise and delight i can report that My Singtrix is so brilliantly designed, engineered and of such superior quality that I was able to easily and correctly assemble it in less than a half hour with just a few glances at the instructions. Wow!"


"My home has not experienced such joy and laughter for a long time. Hopefully with practice I will get better haha"


"...watching my babies blossom"


"Its fun! We have 2 daughters, age 12 and 9. I knew it was a success when my 12 year old daughter declared, on Christmas morning, to her younger sister, ‘I'm taking the SINGTRIX to college!'"


"Our family loves singtrix. We travel with it. Seriously. My daughter sings daily (since christmas day) and my wife and I have enjoyed the machine a ton. Our boys really love the robot and voice changing settings, but sing a fair amount as well. Awesome product, we're your biggest fans. Have told tons of people about it, every party and event we have ends up with a trip to the singtrix."


"I love this thing. It is the focal point of all my recent parties. The problem is i have to take it to all my friends’ houses because they all want to use it! It's easy to transport though so, no biggie. Keep up the good work. Bring me more products and improvements to this, already great, product."


"Yes I don't get embarrassed trying to sing. You feel good, because you don't really sound bad!!"


"I bought this for my Boyfriend who play Karaoke 2x per week ...he absolutely loved it. We took it to our friends house and everybody was singing with it for hours ....people were asking us where to buy it.....he took it to work ....one guy ordered one right away.......my boyfriend uses the setup to practice songs at home ....its been the best Christmas present yet!"


”This this was a present to my little girls but it’s turned out to be the best karaoke machine for adults… we were all having a blast!"


”All I can say is that as a kids karaoke machine, this thing has kept them entertained nonstop since Christmas"


”My girl started singing choir in school…nuff said."


”Kids (one boy one girl) fight over this thing. Guess I’ll have to buy a 2nd one"


"All I can say is that as a kids karaoke machine, this thing has kept them entertained nonstop since Christmas"


”I never knew my mom always wanted to sing all her life. She’s a senior and has since purchased one at Target and gets together with all her friends weekly. It’s great exercise for her as well as social"


”Where has this technology been all my life? I’ve always wanted to be a rock star but too old now. I’m confined to my living room or the karaoke bar down the street"


”Clearly the best karaoke machine money can buy is an understatement since it’s so much more. I use it with my band and I can do all the harmonies by myself."


”Bought this on amazon.com. It was listed as the best karaoke machine so I bought it. Blown away at how amazing I sound. My children have brought it to parties and have become the popular kids in school."


”Purchased at ToysRUs. The best investment I’ve made in a long time. Singtrix is the best karaoke machine for children. Works with their ipods and ipads for free karaoke music."


”Singtrix is a must for any party. Just used it for the first time for my little girl’s birthday party and became the focal point for all the kids. I should have saved my money on the bouncy house LOL"


”my little girl was singing the frozen song for a week straight. Best karaoke system money can buy"


”Happy mom + happy daughter = all girls are happy… Mission accomplished. How do I top this present next Christmas????"


”crutchfield.com, tigerdirect, Target, amazon.com were sold out during the holidays. I was able to place an order with B&H but was backordered till January. Let me tell you it was worth the wait! I never new we were such a musical family"


”saw the customer youtube videos on this before buying… the videos don’t do this thing justice when you experience it live for yourself. thanks guys for making my kids birthday the best ever."


”The best therapy for the winter blues is singing! Me and my kids are addicted to this incredible karaoke machine."


”My 8yr old set this up in 15 minutes using his ipad. I love all the high quality presets it comes with plus free youtube karaoke makes this an amazing deal. I’m a musician and wished they had this when I played in cover bands."


”Other karaoke machines I’ve tried were pieces of junk. Just a basic mic and speaker that broke after a few times of use. I consider this more of a pro quality system but so easy to use that my nieces and nephews are up and running in no time. They loved ours so much that I bought them one for Christmas. Best uncle ever."


”Can’t wait to see what other products will be available from singtrix"


"I bought this for my 10 year old daughter for Christmas. Year after year she has asked for a microphone and when I saw this on the Today Show I knew it was for her. She uses a power wheelchair and has limited use of her arms but can sure operate her iPod and Singtrix. She sings like she has no care in the world. This gift really made her Christmas dream come true."


"makes me sound better than I am. Provides harmonies without having to find other singers or do overdubs"


"It made a very large volume of music available to me without a significant expense (i.e. my own music vs. karaoke versions). That had always held me back from buying a traditional K machine."


"Yes - I feel like a star!"


"It is for my 7 year old daughter. It helps her with practicing her singing. She has also started making her own music."


"Has opened me to a broader range of music."

"Okay, just as advertised. Opened up Singtrix last night and had her up and running in about 15 minutes. Fun fun fun. Of course, you have to figure it out and find the settings that work for you but I couldn't put the thing down. What I didn't realize from the advertising though is that it can help "teach" me to sing as well. I found myself getting better as I learned the song and listened closely to the pitch. By no means a superstar but very listenable! I bet big time singers are using this type of technology in their concerts for sure...in a few years as the tech gets even better, you won't even be able to tell if correction is being used! Now if I could only write a hit song. Thanks, great product!"


"I got this for my 22yr old Down Syndrome daughter and she LOVES it!! We all do. We had to make her a studio so she could belt out her music!! Best gift ever!!"


"It's been a great family activity - particularly for the extended family. I love that we can access the latest hits on youtube and don't have to buy songs we dont want."


"Finally, it has allowed me to sing a lot of songs I had always wanted (i.e. Elvis) that were not available via platforms like Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Thanks! "


"Just having a Karaoke machine at home makes singing a much more normal thing to do. Having the help of the presets reduces anxiety. Since I suck at singing, I need that. Great product."


"... fun & fabulous...so state-of-the-art...it was a hit as a gift..."


"Absolutely love it - easy to set up and use!"


"I find singing relaxing. If I am alone, I will use Singtrix and sing to unwind."


"Use it in a small jazz band for great effects."


"I'm singing all the time now!!!!! I'm so happy!!!! (my family....not so much)"


"Live ta sing...music always going on in my head...(*_^) & passing it down to my babies..."


"This was a gift for my wife that has always wanted an in home karaoke machine. Previous purchases were junk"


"It has just made it a ton more FUN!"


"Lot's of fun and nobody cares because your voice is enhanced"


"I never sang before and bought this for my wife, but now I sing a few songs with her it's been a lot of fun for parties"


"i can now sing louder! the neighbors will be sure to thank me"


"This is a good step in making Karaoke easy to use. Our 6 and 10 year old have no trouble working everything, searching for and starting up songs to sing…"


"Sing more often"


"Much more fun getting together with friends. The special effects make me feel like I'm a real singer."


"It has made my kids a little more out going with there voices."


"I'm singing more and having fun and creating parties to use my Singtrix!"


"It's made it something my whole family can enjoy, and it livens up our parties with friends."


"Overall, it has been an absolute hit at parties. I have no regret and I know I have had some friends buy the system after a night at my house. Keep up the good work."


"Makes me feel more confident"


"Made me a far better singer."


"I bought two Singtrix for my grandchildren for Christmas. Our entire family sang during the holidays and just had a blast with them. Well worth the price I paid."


"Guest enjoys party more"


"The whole family is rockin' out. We all love it!"


"The family spends time singing together!"


"My granddaughter has limited ability and could only use apps on her ipad to sing."


"It is a revolutionary invention you have...Most everyone loves to sing.. but are either embarrassed... What I find... is that it is not the Stradivarius of voices that we love to hear, so much as it is the heart, and meaning that is behind the voice.. That is why your invention is revolutionary.. because... It is more of a communicator.. a translator... You have created what might be.. one of the most universal translators of all time.. That's what you have.. and I hope that I can purchase whatever other systems you have that will follow this original.. I hope that it doesn't get away from you.. but that it will be your company that will control where this goes forward.."

To all the amazing Singtrix® customers & supporters, we are YOUR biggest fans!

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