Makes bad singers sound good
& good singers sound amazing!

Makes bad singers sound good
& good singers sound amazing!

Makes bad singers sound good
& good singers sound amazing!



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From the Creators of Guitar Hero®

Singtrix® - Revolutionizing karaoke

For over 18 years, the Singtrix® team has worked to bring music culture to the forefront of our social experiences with iconic musical entertainment products for the home, local family entertainment centers, holiday office parties and more. Today, we’re proud to offer an adult and kids karaoke machine that delivers the ultimate music party experience all music lovers & fans can enjoy, and is sure to be your go to family entertainment for years to come.

The Party Bundle Stadium Edition is our all-inclusive adult and kids karaoke machine that aspiring artists of all skill levels will love, making bad singers sound good, and good singers sound amazing.

Our home karaoke system effortlessly syncs with your mobile device of choice, granting you instant-access to thousands of songs.

This incredible karaoke system is great for solos and duets alike. Just plug in a second karaoke microphone and make the magic happen!

Garage band heroes will love the rockin’ power delivered by the Singtrix® portable speaker. Thanks to its light build, our portable speaker makes traveling from practice to live performance any night of the week a breeze!

Get the most out of your new killer karaoke machine with our VIP tips, tricks and recommendations. From free song playlists, best practices and creative uses, we make it easy to find the inspiration to stoke your creative fire and let out your inner “rockstar”!

Visit the blog today to learn more about the many ways your new Singtrix® professional karaoke machine can make your good times unforgettable.

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375+ Effects

Covers every genre & generation of music plus EXTREME voice-morphing & gender-bending effects for hilarious character voices. Features three skill levels from beginner to pro & so much more.

Advanced Vocal Tuning

Singtrix's advanced vocal tuning is the same tech used by pros during performances around the world. This karaoke machine makes bad singers sound good, good singers sound AMAZING.

Instant Harmonies

The HIT Effect will take your performance to the next level. You become an instant vocal supergroup. Transform a favorite song’s chorus into a stadium-sized anthem with a press of the button.

Any Music, Any Device

Never pay for karaoke tracks again! Select from thousands FREE YouTube karaoke anthems & lyric videos, third-party karaoke apps & music players on mobile devices & computers.

Works with Instruments

Not just for Karaoke! Our patented karaoke machine technology is used by touring pro musicians. Tune your voice to chords played on your guitar, keyboard, or most electronic instruments including instrument-apps.

Pro Quality

Equipped pro audio-quality components, designed by musicians. Powerful 40-watt 2.1 stereo speaker w/ built-in subwoofer, hi-fidelity custom Mic, & pro mic stand with boom arm that screams “Rockstar”.

For any occasion...
...For beginner to pro


BEST PANDEMIC BOREDOM BUSTER EVER…  Friends & family kept borrowing our first one so we got another. Let me tell you that this is the only thing that gets the cousins, aunts & uncles, and even grandparents together for a fun activity… The party literally doesn't stop!

MotherOfaTrio / Amazon Verified Purchaser

So happy we purchased it!!! …couldn't believe how it made my average voice sound amazing! Kids set it up in about 10 minutes & plugged in the ipad for free music. Everyone was fighting over it & so many different voice effects! …the one thing everyone specifically asked to have for the holidays.

JoNYCMom / Verified Purchaser
Singtrix® Party Bundle Stadium Edition
Singtrix® Party Bundle Stadium Edition
Singtrix® Party Bundle Stadium Edition
Singtrix® Party Bundle Stadium Edition
Singtrix® Party Bundle Stadium Edition
Singtrix® Party Bundle Stadium Edition
Singtrix® Party Bundle Stadium Edition
Singtrix® Party Bundle Stadium Edition
Singtrix® Party Bundle Stadium Edition
Singtrix® Party Bundle Stadium Edition
Regular price $399.99

Add a second microphone?
Singtrix® Wireless Microphone Work the room with 150ft+ range + $69.99
Singtrix® Microphone Sing duets, backups, & more + $49.99

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  • MAKES BAD SINGERS SOUND GOOD375+ effects, skill levels, natural pitch-correction, hard-tune (Advanced Vocal Tuning), harmonies, reverb, delay, extreme effects & more
  • 4-PART HARMONIES | CHOIR OF VOICES | AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON like having instant backup singers
  • QUALITY | POWER | SIMPLE PLUG & PLAY 40-Watt Stereo PA w/ built-in subwoofer, custom mic w/ HIT button , & fully adjustable Pro Mic Stand with built-in boom-arm
  • AMAZING VALUE | WORKS W/ YOUTUBE karaoke vids, MP3s, streaming music & more
  • PRICELESS MEMORIES | BENEFITS exciting party experience for family & friends, fulfill dreams of making music, vocal training, confidence-builder for kids, social & physical benefits, inspiration for the next music icon

Simple to Use Singtrix® Studio

The 2nd-Gen Singtrix Stadium Bundle features new effects presets & categories with improved digital signal processing with incremental sound improvement vs the 1st-gen model, and Improved user interface. There are now close to 400 effects presets. For ease of navigation, there is a new push button effects dial so users can easily jump to different categories without having to scroll through each effect. The push button effects dial also offers easy access to the Live/Instrument live mode for the instrumentalists out there.
Singtrix® uses the same live vocal technology the pros use to sound amazing. Effects include natural pitch-correction, powerful harmonies, hard tune, reverb, delay and more. Features 3 skill levels plus voice cancellation that lowers vocals on standard music.

The Hit Effect

Easily control Singtrix® voice effects with the press of a button. Take your chorus to the next level with on-demand harmonies and amped up effects.

2.1 Multimedia Speaker

Custom designed Singtrix® PA packs 40 watts of big sound into a portable design. With a built-in subwoofer, it brings the party whenever and wherever you go. Use it as a home theater and gaming speaker, too.

Any Music, Any Device

Singtrix® works great with YouTube® Karaoke and Lyrics Tracks. The Singtrix® also works with your smart phone, tablet, computer, even guitar and keyboard. Use your own song library, karaoke tracks, home music recordings and favorite karaoke apps.

Features 'Beyond Karaoke'

Singtrix® has over 375 effect presets! From hilarious voice-morphing and gender-bending effects, sure to entertain kids of all ages, to vocal effects designed to cover any genre and generation of music, Singtrix® is sure to provide hours of entertainment for all your party guests.

For Any Occasion

No other karaoke system has so many uses: karaoke parties, song composition, studio recordings, live band performance, public address, and worship/church applications. As a vocal training tool, the unique natural pitch-correction will feel like 'training wheels' for your voice. Using Singtrix® can help develop and improve your voice naturally.

The Singtrix® Studio Console

375+ Professional Vocal Effects

  • Hit Effect - "larger than life" harmonies & effects combinations
  • Song Voice - lowers vocals in standard songs
  • My Voice - (3) skill levels
  • Mic & Main Volumes


  • 3.5mm Audio Input - accepts any music device
  • (2) Stereo Speaker Outputs: combine Singtrix® speakers, headphones & PA systems

Mic 1 Input

  • Offers full “Hit” & “Non-Hit” effects
  • Offers pitch-correction & harmonies
  • For one singer at a time

Mic 2 Input

  • For use with 2nd mic
  • Lush Reverbs, Delays & Dynamic EQ
  • Works with multiple singers
  • No pitch-correction or harmonies

Singtrix® Microphone

  • Built-In “HIT” Button Controls Effects
  • Professional-Quality, Weighted & Perfectly Balanced
  • Tuned for the Singtrix® Studio
  • Ultra-Sensitive and Responsive
  • Use up to (2) Mics with the Studio – one lead, one backup

2.1 Home Theater Speaker System

  • Hi-Fidelity Stereo Speaker System
  • Built-In Subwoofer
  • 40 Watts of Power
  • Designed for the Optimal Singtrix® Experience
  • Ultra-Compact, Lightweight & Portable
  • Volume, Treble & Bass Controls
  • Can be Combined with 2nd Speaker System
  • Use for Music, Gaming and Movies!

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"Didn't make the deal but still love the product. Herjavec Group got to try Singtrix out and rocked it."

- Robert Herjavec

"I've got to get SingTrix for some of my speaking engagements!"

- Daymond John

"I could use one of these in my shower!"

- Kevin O'Leary