Top 5 Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Gone are the days of throwing up a couple of streamers, popping some candles in the cake, and singing happy birthday constituted an awesome birthday party. You’ve got a teenager now, and that not-so-little kid of yours has to have the most awesome birthday party to show their friends they know how to have a good time. So, exactly what do they want, and how do you give it to them?

We’ve got a few killer teen birthday party ideas to put your party wheels in motion and deliver them the best birthday party ever.

5 Birthday Party Ideas Your Teen Will Thank You For

Karaoke Birthday Party

No matter how old your teen is, she and her friends will have a blast singing along to their favorite tunes of the moment with a karaoke party. Crank up the party a few more decibels with the Singtrix® Stadium Edition Party Bundle Karaoke System

Young Karaoke Singer

Not only does this karaoke system make the best birthday gift to use for years to come, but it’s also the best karaoke machine for shy teens. Why? Because with 375+ effects, skill levels, natural pitch correction, built-in auto-tune and voice changer, harmonies, extreme effects, and more, your group of girls will go from shy teens to singing queens as they belt out the words to their favorite songs. Grab an extra karaoke microphone to perform the best duet karaoke songs or compete in rap battles for a chance to win awesome prizes. Once you see how fun their karaoke birthday party is, you’ll want to a karaoke birthday party of your own!

Birthday Pool Party

Help your teen and their friends beat the heat with a birthday pool party! Hook up the Singtrix® Portable Karaoke Speaker to their favorite tunes to splash and play all day for a birthday party they won't forget. There are plenty of party games for teens to play in the water to keep them from getting bored like “chicken,” and volleyball to swimming relay races across the pool. Take it up a notch by using your Singtrix® best karaoke machine to announce the countdown and winners of each game.

Laser Tag Birthday Party

Laser tag is a great birthday party idea for teens.  Not only does it give them a chance to burn off all that energy and is already one of the most popular party games for teens, but there's no mess for you to clean up! Book a few hours at your local laser tag place, top it off with some pizza, and call it a day!

Spa Day Birthday Party

If you've got a teen who loves to be pampered, treat her and a small group of her friends to a spa day! This one is super easy to throw at home, too! Just grab the nail polish, face masks, and freshly cut cucumbers and you're good to go. Parting gifts can be plush bathrobes and self-care kits.

Birthday Camp Out

What better way to create memories than with a camp out with your best buds. This makes a great birthday party for teens who can spend the darker hours of the evening catching up and goofing off, followed by scary ghost stories and roasting marshmallows around the fire, topping off the night by sleeping outside under the stars. Use the karaoke speaker to play creepy sounds while ghost stories are told, or simply set it up so they can listen to their favorite tunes inside the tent.

Whether you need fun birthday party games for teens, awesome kids birthday party ideas, or the best karaoke microphone, voice changer machine, and portable karaoke speaker the whole family can enjoy, Singtrix® can help. Shop our family-friendly products today and elevate your next work or birthday party with the best karaoke machine to make bad singers sound good, and the good singers sound amazing!

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