Top 3 Kids Birthday Party Ideas for 2021

Kids Singtrix Karaoke Party

If you’re on the hunt for some creative ideas to keep the kids entertained at the next birthday bash then we’ve got just what you’re looking for! Whether you're hosting a small, intimate party or a larger event, these three kids birthday party ideas are the fun and friendly options your child and their energetic guests will be talking about for weeks!

Kids Birthday Party Ideas For Parties of Any Size

Karaoke/Dance Party

Kids Singtrix Karaoke Party

While it may take two to tango, you can have as little or as many people in attendance at a karaoke birthday party or dance party! Tie up the disco ball, plug in the best karaoke machine, turn down the lights and voila! You’ve got a rockin’ birthday party ready to go! With the Singtrix® Party Bundle Karaoke System, kids can jam out together as a duet or go solo for a favorite song, even competing against each other for the title of karaoke king or queen! Equipped with a voice changer system, portable karaoke speaker and professional quality karaoke microphone equipped with built in “HIT” button control effects, your party guests will love taking turns trying out the over 375 cool voice and sound effects the Singtrix® has to offer while streaming their favorite songs from Youtube, Spotify or virtually anywhere else you get your music.

“Drive In” Movie Night

Who doesn’t love to hunker down with their friends for a funny, scary or action-packed movie night? Bring the movie night to your living room or backyard with a large projector screen, some popcorn, a portable speaker and your child’s best buds for a birthday party movie-thon or viewing or their favorite flick. Add to the excitement with personalized movie theatre treat boxes, a “ticket booth” gift table and matching blankets to snuggle up with and take home as a keepsake from the epic kids birthday party you just threw! If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can even construct a cardboard car for each child to sit in while they watch their movie!

Scavenger Hunt

Ok, maybe your expected group of rascals aren’t the type to sit quietly and watch a movie. That’s ok! We’ve got a great birthday party idea to tucker them out; a scavenger hunt! This can be as simple or as intricate as you care to make it, with plenty of resources on the web for planning your scavenger hunt party. It can even be themed, depending on their interests. Whether you want to keep it classic and pretend to be pirates on the hunt for buried treasure, or take it into the stratosphere with a galactic, alien or Star Wars themed scavenger hunt, the possibilities are endless for your scavenger hunt party. If you’re expecting several or a dozen children to attend the party, consider making the hunt more intricate for small groups to work together. If only a few kids plan on attending they can all work together to find the mystery prize! Consider making each scavenger hunt station item something they can take with them, filling their own goodie bags as they go.

We hope these kids birthday party ideas helped spark your imagination for your next birthday bash. No matter what your next party looks like, be sure to do it in style with a Singtrix® karaoke system for singing, announcing, or projecting your favorite music!

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