Media Testimonials

"i love love love singtrix because its a family gathering when you take it out! no matter how badly you sound like a pro!!!"

Whoopi Goldberg, The View Co-Host, Comedian, Actress, Singer-Songwriter, Activist

"[applause] Nice!…Nice!…WOW!!!…Nice!....My offer is $1.5 million…I will finance all your orders going forward..." [Tweet @TheSharkDaymond] "I've got to get @SingTrix for some of my speaking engagements! RT if you agree #SharkTank"

Daymond John Shark Investor, ABC's SHARKTANK • Season 6 Episode 7 / Twitter Oct 31

"WOW!!… WOW!!…That’s crazy!!…[applause] AMAZING!!!…WOW!!!.....Well you guys are impressive and I’d like to be involved here…I like what Kevin offered you…$1.5 [million]…"

Lori Greiner Shark Investor, ABC's SHARKTANK • Season 6 Episode 7

"[applause] Oh My God!….WOOOW!!!.....I’m gonna make you an offer…I’ll give you 1.5 million…"

Robert Herjavec Shark Investor, ABC's SHARKTANK • Season 6 Episode 7

Customer Testimonials

So very much fun !!! It makes me want to sing all the day long !! What a thrill to sound so good, and it encourages you to "belt it out"…Amazing technology! Verified Purchaser

What a great time were having with the Grandkids. They love it and sing beautifully. An awesome gift Verified Purchaser

Worth the money! Very glad to have purchased this awesome karaoke machine. So much fun! All the components seem to be very high quality and work as advertised. I play guitar so I also use it just as a microphone to sing while I play and it works great for that too…. Verified Purchaser