The Singtrix® home karaoke machine for adults and families makes a great gift to you or your loved ones for a fun way to let loose without ever having to leave the house. Whether you need the best karaoke microphone, best karaoke speaker or the whole kit n kaboodle, Singtrix® has the adult and kids karaoke machines, products and system you need to sing your heart out and unleash the fun anytime, anywhere.

Singtrix® Party Bundle Stadium Edition

The Singtrix® karaoke set and party bundle can make even the most musically-challenged singer sound good. With more than 375 different sound effects and special voice changer/voice mod advanced vocal tuning and pitch correction features, the Singstrix® home karaoke system uses professional grade live vocal technology so you can rock out at home with no embarrassing footage to be found the next day. Setup is easy, too! You’ll have your Singtrix® home karaoke system up and running in five minutes and be able to easily connect to music from popular apps like YouTube, Spotify, popular karaoke apps and more. Use your Singtrix® karaoke system with your smart phone, tablet, computer, keyboard or guitar and incorporate your very favorite home music recordings, songs and karaoke tracks in your performance. 

Singtrix® Microphone

Transform the voice of you or your backup singers with a karaoke microphone from Singtrix®. This professional-quality karaoke mic is perfectly weighted and balanced for a mic that’s naturally comfortable in your hand. The ultra-sensitive and responsive microphone is pre-tuned for the Singtrix® studio set so you can plug in and belt out. Our microphone is designed with a built-in “HIT” effect button to instantly transform your voice into a 4-part harmony bringing music to your ears. Use up to Singtrix® Advanced Vocal Tuning microphones with the studio for beautiful duets with friends and family. 

Singtrix® Speaker

Turn up the fun with a Singtrix® karaoke speaker! This speaker goes above and beyond the call to beautifully project sound for more than just karaoke. Use your Singtrix® karaoke speaker as a multimedia speaker system for gaming, movies, Sunday football games or any other event that could use a high-quality speaker system. Each Singtrix® karaoke speaker set includes 2 mid/high range stereo speakers with built-in subwoofers, a power adapter, speaker cable and  speaker AC power supply.

For the best karaoke machines for sale on the market today to elevate your next party, music recording or new Friday night family tradition, shop Singtrix® home karaoke systems, microphones and speakers.