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Lewis singtrix
Singtrix karaoke | salsa 😱😱
En la casa probando en singtrix que compre en sam's club nada professional
One Step Closer To You
One Step Closer To You - Written and Performed by Steve Loncto. This one has a great rhythm track that reminds me of The Young Rascals, Katrina and The Waves, Motown, Three Dog Night, Stevie Wonder, et al. It was a lot of fun figuring out all the parts and I think it came out great. Give it a listen. I Think you'll enjoy it.
Zacharias Singtrix
Christmas Day playing with sing Trix
2015 Buck's kids singing with Chad
The Dance, a cover by Michael Weatherly
Recorded by IPhone 6. Plus I'm using a SingTrix mic system. Karaoke music from YouTube Karafun.
'Singtrix', la máquina de las mil voces con David Bustamante - El Hormiguero 3.0
Suscríbete a nuestro canal: Marron nos presenta el 'Singtrix', una máquina que permite modular la voz para que suene más aguda o más grave. ¿Cómo cantará Bustamante con voz de pito?
Elkjøp på CES 2016 - Karaokemaskinen SingTrix
Elkjøp var til stede på CES 2016 i Las Vegas - verdens kuleste elektronikkmesse. Her fikk vi blant annet prøve den smått kule karaokemaskinen SingTrix!
Homemade SingTrix Commercial
My friends and I made a SingTrix commercial for my graphics class. Hope you like it!
Sing Trix Karaoke
the neverending story singtrix karaoke cover by mia and alana
Mia and Alana singing the neverending story with their singtrix pro-karaoke Christmas gift.
Jannie having fun with the #Singtrix "Extreme" presets
Playing around with the different Singtrix Extreme effect! I can't believe how realistic they sound. Amazing!
Singtrix test with live guitar and vocals, Paul Simon's "Myth of Fingerprints"
Here is my second live instrument test with a Singtrix - this time with a guitar. (My previous test with a keyboard is here: ) Just like the other one, this is unrehearsed and I am not a pro singer by a long shot. Having said all that, the Singtrix has been endless fun since I got it and I highly recommend it.
Singtrix test with live keyboard and vocals, David Byrne's "Everything that Happens"
Back when I was considering buying a Singtrix, I watched a bunch of youtube videos to see how it worked for people. There was a shortage, though, of videos that showed people using it with live instruments. This was unpracticed and unrehearsed, and I'm no pro singer. It's on the "Duo" setting, I believe. Just thought someone might be interested.