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uncrate Review's article states, "What’s the worst thing about karaoke? Well, depending on the company, it’s typically your friends’ voices. Give them a much needed boost with the Singtrix."
TechCrunch Review
TechCrunch - "Guitar Hero Creators Launch Singtrix, A Karaoke Lover’s Dream"
Singtrix Kuwait Fantasy World Toys
Congratulations Sherena for being our first #singtrix buyer from #fantasyworldtoys Salmiya. Hope you're enjoying the #karaoke with your friends and family and becoming a popstar. #kuwait #كويت
Best Moment of CES 2015
c|net - 3:25
#Singtrix Innovation Award Winner gets 4th place at #CES LastGadgetStanding
Singtrix Innovation Award Winner gets 4th place at #CESLastGadgetStanding Review - "This Miracle Karaoke Machine Will Fix Your Terrible Voice"