5 Exciting Work Party Ideas & Games

Don’t let the task of planning a super fun work party leave you in a tizzy! Whether it’s a work Christmas party or other work holiday party, we’ve got a few great ideas up our sleeve for you to try out, and some fun games to go with them!

5 Fun Work Holiday Party Ideas For You To Try This Year

1. Karaoke Party

Nothing says “let loose” like a karaoke party, and holiday parties are one of the best events for karaoke! What’s more, karaoke is a fun and easy way to liven up any work holiday party and really get to know your co-workers. The Singtrix® Autotune Karaoke Machine is a great portable karaoke system complete with a professional Karaoke Microphone and Portable Karaoke Speaker that’s easy to set up and even easier to use. Since Singtrix® products were created by the same people who created Guitar Hero®, you know it will be a blast to use!

There are plenty of karaoke games to play, too! From “guess that singer” to “guess that song,” you’ll have no problem filling a few hours with great music, funny moments, and finding out which co-workers can really belt a tune!

2. Around-the-World Potluck

You don’t need to go around the world to find fun work Christmas party ideas. Instead, you can bring the world right to your party, with an around-the-world potluck work party! Whether you’re throwing a work Christmas party or some other type of work party, an around-the-world-themed potluck is a great way to introduce new cultures and foods to your co-workers, not to mention give your taste buds something to look forward to! To make planning super easy, you can either have it hosted or have everyone bring their own favorite dish from around the globe.

3. Casino Night

For a fun-filled night (or day) and a little friendly competition, why not throw a casino night for your next work holiday party? This is one of the most fun work holiday party ideas to keep guests entertained for hours on end, especially with the opportunity to win prizes and mingle with co-workers in a fun setting!

4. Murder Mystery!

Who killed the boss? Whether virtual or in-person, a murder mystery work holiday party is a super fun way to test your investigative skills to find the killer! Make it more holiday-oriented with themed weapons (a sharpened candy cane, perhaps?) and fun holiday-themed outfits!

5. Minute-To-Win-It Party

If you’re in charge of entertaining a group of competitive co-workers, then a Minute-To-Win-It work holiday party needs to be on your list of fun work holiday party ideas! Based on the game show “Minute To Win It,” this competitive game show can easily be brought to your office or venue for a fun-filled night of games, laughs, and prizes! The best thing about this fun holiday party game is that you can play as little or as many games as you want, and theme them however you want, easily making it a fun Christmas party idea for you to try this holiday season!

With these fun work Christmas party ideas, you’ll go down in history as the MVP of planning super fun holiday work holiday parties! No matter what type of work party you throw, be sure to bring your Singtrix® karaoke system along for the fun; it’s perfect for playing recorded or live music, and of course, belting out solos and duets with co-workers anytime, anyplace! 

Happy planning! 

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