Unique Bridal & Wedding Shower Gifts

With wedding season quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of bridal shower gifts you’re going to gift this year. 

Of course, every bride is different, so giving the best bridal shower gifts for the bride-to-be will really depend on her interests and personality! Luckily, you’ve got us to help you narrow down the popular and unique bridal shower gifts to give this wedding season that any bride (and groom) will love to get!

5 Popular & Unique Bridal Shower Gifts You Won’t See Twice!

Whether the gift registry is slim pickings, or you simply want to give the bride-to-be something she won’t expect (but will absolutely love), we’ve got a few wedding shower gift ideas that make others say, “why didn’t I think of that!”, starting with...

A Karaoke Machine!

Singtrix Karaoke Machine

For starters, a karaoke machine makes a great gift no matter what the occasion! With a Singtrix® karaoke machine, you’re not only giving a super unique bridal shower gift the newlywed couple can use for years for birthday and holiday parties for years to come, but one of the only bridal shower gifts that can be used at the actual wedding (other than our #5 gift idea)! 

Not only does the Singtrix® karaoke machine come with an autotune microphone with features like built-in HIT button control effects (aka, it makes you sound incredible), but a portable speaker to keep the party into the night once the DJ leaves!

Monogrammed Passport Covers

If the newlyweds will be heading off to an exotic or global destination, or maybe even just catching a flight across the country, surprise them with some high-quality, monogrammed passport covers! We’re confident this unique bridal shower gift won’t be on the registry but will be a cherished gift they will use for all future travel!

Family Heirloom Cookbook

If you’re on the hunt for the best wedding shower gift that will last longer than the honeymoon phase, a personalized cookbook is it. After all, who doesn’t love old family recipes passed down from grandma? Well, chances are one day, that newlywed couple will have kids and grandkids of their own and can pass the collected family favorite recipes down to the next generation, all because of your unique bridal shower gift!

Rent a Photo Booth for the Wedding

If you’ve ever been to a wedding with a self-service photo booth, you know how fun they are to use and how many unique photos are captured that the photographer simply can’t get to! 

A photo booth won’t replace the need for a photographer (who will be more focused on the bride and groom than anything) but will give guests a unique opportunity to document the night with each other and give the newlywed couple even more photos to reminisce with. 

This wedding shower gift idea should be reserved as a gift from a guest that really knows the bride and groom, like the maid of honor, bridal party, or close relative of the bride or groom.

A Wedding Keepsake Library

We’re certain this one won’t be on the registry! A wedding keepsake library is a perfect solution to keeping all the little details that were so special on wedding day safe for years to come. They’ll love the personalized touch and that they have a designated place to store precious items they can easily pull out and look back on whenever they feel like reminiscing. And when (and if) they get pregnant, you can follow up with a personalized baby keepsake library!

No matter what the bride-to-be enjoys, we’re certain these unique bridal shower gifts for the bride and groom will be some of their favorite gifts on shower day!

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