Singtrix® Appearance on LA Unscripted

In their best Grease garb and full of confidence, LA Unscripted hosts Dayna Devon and meteorologist Liberte Chan take to the Singtrix® karaoke mic for a duet from the 1978 romantic comedy musical about summer love. While normally the two would only step up to the mic feet dragging, they gave the Singtrix® Autotune Karaoke Machine a chance, and were loving the results.

Before they get started, Dayna asks Singtrix® co-founders Eric Berkowitz & John Devecka if the Singtrix® karaoke machine bundle really makes everyone sound like a rockstar, to which Eric Berkowitz replies: 

“Singtrix® is the only karaoke machine that’s out there that can make you sound like a rockstar. We’re actually the team behind the Guitar Hero® legacy and helped patent that technology. So picture Singtrix® as like having an instagram filter for your voice!”

“There are 3 skill levels,” adds John. “Beginner to pro, and a natural sounding autotune for beginners with 300 different effects for every genre and generation of music. Just turn the effects style and sing, it’s that easy!”

Equipped with a karaoke mic, singing machine and portable karaoke speaker the Singtrix® karaoke set is the best karaoke machine for adults and kids alike to sound like the rockstars and musical characters they adore from yesterday’s favorites to today’s hits. The Singtrix® party bundle makes an addition to family and work gatherings or a fun weeknight activity for the family to enjoy together.

Shop Singtrix® karaoke set, autotune mic and karaoke speaker today for a fun filled activity the entire family can enjoy!

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