How to Host the Best House Party

House Party Karaoke

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: hosting a house party doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You heard us right! You can be the best party host without pulling out your hair in preparation! All you need are these three key ingredients to successfully host a party your friends and family will be glad they attended!

3 Key Ingredients for Successfully Hosting a House Party

A Killer Theme/Decor

Whether you actually plan a killer or murder-mystery-themed house party or feel like bringing the beachy vibes home with a luau, throwing a themed party is an easy way to bring your guests together in a super fun way. A themed party can turn your typical house party into a whole new world for your guests to escape from reality for a few hours. 

Themes are also a great way to determine what kind of food, entertainment, and decor you’re going to include. We suggest deciding whether or not you want a themed party, and if so, choose your theme before food, drink, or decor.

Delicious Food & Drink

There’s nothing worse than going to a house party realizing the only feast you’ll be enjoying are chips and dip. When it comes to hosting a house party, you must have great food and drink. 

If you choose to host a themed house party, create a list of snacks, appetizers, main dishes, and drinks based on your theme. This doesn’t have to be a “sit-down” meal, but should be something more substantial than chips and pretzels! You can either choose to have your party catered or take the role of “party host” to the next level and prepare the food yourself. 

Here are a handful of tried and true party foods get your creative juices flowing:

  • Vegetarian and meat-based sliders
  • Charcuterie board
  • Hot Dips
  • Hors d’oeuvres and appetizers (think bite-sized, prepared foods like deviled eggs, jalapeno poppers, turkey pinwheels, etc.)
  • Homemade mac and cheese
  • Meatballs
  • Flavored Wings
  • Snacks (chips and dip, pretzels, etc.)

Now, onto drinks. Choose a few mixed drinks you can make that will please the crowd. Let everyone know they can bring their favorites if they so choose. Prepare coolers or a refrigerated space to keep drinks cold for your guests! Most importantly, make sure there are plenty of non-alcoholic choices available for those who are not drinking and keep your guests properly hydrated throughout your party.


What’s a party without a little (or a lot) of entertainment? There are multiple ways to get your guests to let loose and enjoy themselves when they’re not stuffing their faces with delicious food. 

For instance, you could host a game-night house party with several games perfect for large or small groups. Or, you can host a karaoke party complete with games, recorded, or live music! The Singtrix® house party Karaoke Machine is the perfect karaoke party machine to make announcements, play background music, and play super fun house party karaoke games! Singtrix Karaoke Machine

Since the Singtrix® house party karaoke machine comes with the Best Portable Speaker and Auto-Tune Microphone, you and your guests can sing in confidence or listen to music whether you’re inside at the house party or you decide to take the house party to the backyard! 

Learning how to host a party and earn the title of “best party host” is easy! All you need is the right theme, food, and entertainment to give your guests the best house party experience ever. No matter what your host a party plans are, let Singtrix® help liven up the party with incredible karaoke party products perfect for your next shindig!

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