8 Holiday Party Ideas & Games to Keep the Good Times Going

If you want to be the host or hostess with the “most-est” at the next holiday party, you’ve got to get creative! We’ve got some great holiday party ideas and fun holiday party games to get the party started no matter what holiday you’re celebrating.

Holiday Party Ideas

A Christmas Luau

We’ve all seen our share of boring Christmas parties, so when you want to throw a bash better than the parties of yesteryear, you throw a Christmas Luau. Complete with grass skirts, coconuts, yummy drinks, and poinsettias for that little touch of tradition, a Christmas Luau is the refreshing holiday party idea your guests will love.

A Gatsby Christmas (or New Years’!)

What better way to liven up the party than with glitz and glam Gatsby Christmas or New Year’s Eve party? Not only will this themed holiday party idea build your guest’s anticipation for a fun night out, but it gives you the chance to let loose or ring in the new year in gold and glitter!

Holiday-Themed Minute-To-Win-It Party

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, New Years’, St. Patrick’s Day, or the 4th of July, a holiday-specific Minute-To-Win-It party is a great holiday party idea any time of year! Capture the holiday’s essence with different games using iconic symbols of the holiday you’re celebrating, then sit back and watch your friends have a ball with your unique and holiday party games!

Around the World

This fun holiday party idea is simple. Each guest brings a food famously consumed in their chosen country/region during the holiday in which you’re celebrating. This is a fun way for you and your guests to experience new foods and what other people around the world eat during the holiday!

Holiday Party Games

What’s a great party without some games and a little entertainment? Keep your guests busy with some or all of these tried and true fun holiday party games!


Holiday parties are some of the best events for karaoke. After all, you’ve already got a group of people filled with holiday spirit enjoying good food and drinks; why not add some fun karaoke to the mix? These fun holiday party games are appropriate for the whole family, so dive in and have a ball!

From “Christmas Carol-oke” to “Guess That Song,” There are countless fun holiday party games you can play with karaoke; all you need is a karaoke system! Singtrix® Party Bundle Karaoke System is the perfect portable karaoke system to make anyone sound great at the mic! And since it comes with a professional microphone and portable speaker, you don’t have to worry about moving heavy equipment or setting up a complicated system, making Singtrix® an excellent option for all of your future holiday parties!

Some of the fun holiday party games you can play with a karaoke system are solo singing battles or dueling duets, song charades, and guess that song!

Heads Up!

The Head’s Up app is a fun and easy way to access charades-like games that can be played in big or small groups. Larger groups can break up into teams and compete against each other, or if you’ve got several people, simply play together!

Sticker Stalker

It’s time to test your sneakiness with Sticker Stalker! This game requires swift action and skill and is sure to be a hit at your holiday party. Supply everyone with a certain number of stickers, with the challenge to stick all of their stickers on other guests without them noticing. If the person notices, they get to stick the sticker (the person who tried to stick them). The first person to successfully get rid of all of their stickers wins!

React & Act

Once all of your party guests arrive, have them pick a funny, scary, exciting, or surprising event they want to see someone else react to. After each guest writes down one event (i.e., spotting your favorite celebrity on the street or biting into a sandwich full of worms), place them into a hat. Participants will then draw an event from the hat and act it out as everyone else tries to guess what they’re reacting to.

No matter what holiday you’re celebrating, make sure you and your guests have a blast with the best holiday party ideas and fun games to play for an unforgettable night!

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