5 Best Gift Ideas for Dad

For everything dads do for us, the least we can do is get them super cool gifts on special occasions like Father’s Day; but what cool gifts for dad are out there that he’ll actually enjoy? Well, we’ve got a few gift ideas for dad that should fit the bill (don’t worry, we won’t recommend any books filled with bad dad jokes, we know he’s got plenty of those already).

5 Best Gifts for Dad for Any Occasion

1. Subscription Box

Does your dad love things like cigars, fishing, or forgetting to shave his 5 o’clock shadow? Does he hate shopping for new clothes but knows if he wears that mustard-stained shirt one more time he’s going to hear about it? Well, why not get him a subscription box? 

Today, there are countless subscription box services available for every kind of hobby, from fishing to golf and yes, even monthly clothing boxes so he can start dressing better without ever setting foot in a store. He will love that he can customize his options to fit his interests, and you’ll love that you got unique gifts for dad without driving yourself crazy in the meantime.

2. Karaoke Machine

Singtrix Karaoke System

Cool gift for dad #2, a karaoke machine. That’s right; now your dad can live out those dreams of becoming a rock star (in the garage, anyway) with a Professional Karaoke Machine and Microphone from Singtrix®. 

With amazing karaoke features like autotune, 375 effects, HIT harmonizing effects, and the ability to connect any music from any device, he can take the karaoke party to the next level with record studio sounding quality anytime, anyplace. He’ll love that the Portable Speaker can be used to amplify the baseball or football game in the backyard during a BBQ or listen to music while working on the house for a guaranteed good time anytime. Now that’s a gift idea for dad he can really belt a tune to.

3. Indoor Putting Green

If you’ve got a dad who loves golf, he’ll take any chance he can get to practice his short game. Help him out with the best gifts for dad who golf, an indoor putting green! Indoor putting greens come in a wide variety of lengths and styles perfect for getting in that extra practice when he can’t be out on the course.

4. A New Robe & Slippers

Everyone knows a dad isn’t really a dad until he’s rocking some comfy slippers and a robe. Whether you need gifts for dads who are new to the club or want the best gifts for dads that have been sporting the same slippers and robe since you were 5, he’ll love how his super warm and cozy new getup for early morning wake up calls and lazy days hanging around the house.

5. A Heated Jacket

Want to know what one of the best gifts for dads who work (or play) in the cold is? A heated jacket. Whether he’s out there shoveling the driveway in the dead of winter or voluntarily freezing his keister off ice fishing with the guys, a heated jacket is a perfect gift to keep him warm and comfortable no matter what the weather throws his way.

Finding the cool gifts for dad’s birthday or Father’s Day isn’t hard, you just have to know where to look! Whether it’s a new karaoke machine to bring the party home or a heated jacket to take the party outside, Singtrix® is here to help you find the cool gifts for dad, no matter what the occasion!

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