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From the creators of the original Guitar Hero®* comes Singtrix®, the next-generation karaoke machine that makes bad singers sound good and good singers sound amazing! Sound like your favorite stars with hundreds of professional vocal effects, live backup harmonies created from your own voice & natural pitch-correction. It works with any music and any audio device.

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YOU CAN SING regardless of natural ability. Singtrix® instantly gives you the voice you've always dreamed of having. Sing in-tune with fuller tone and greater vocal control without hours of practice or expensive vocal lessons.

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The Singtrix® karaoke machine is powered by the most advanced vocal effects technology available. Simple plug & play design - just play a song, turn the effects dial, and start singing. Features more than 300 amazing effects covering every genre & generation of music. Select a skill level, create instant karaoke tracks from standard songs and kick in live harmonies and other dramatic effects.
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Supercharge your performance with the on-mic “Hit” effect button. Instantly transform your voice into a 4-part vocal harmony super group. It’s like having live back-up singers at the press of a button.
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Complete freedom! Use any device with a headphone output including smart phones, tablets, mp3 players and computers. Sing along to songs from your personal music library, use karaoke tracks and apps, home studio compositions or streaming music videos from sites like YouTube™. The “Song Voice” feature lowers existing vocals from standard songs so your options are endless.
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Perfectly tuned for Singtrix®, the high fidelity 2.1 stereo speaker delivers 40 watts of power and deep full bass, driven by the built-in subwoofer. Compact, lightweight and portable, now you can bring the party wherever you go or use as a multimedia speaker for movies, gaming and more.
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Although the Singtrix® karaoke machine works with any type of music (YouTube® or your existing music library), the Singtrix® karaoke app for Apple® iOS and Android™ devices is an optional source for karaoke music content. The app includes an extensive library of high-quality streaming music, scrolling lyrics and Singtrix® effects recommendations, available with monthly subscription. Some songs are only available for download and individual song purchase. The Singtrix app service is developed and provided by Karaoke Anywhere/JoltSoft. (technical details)
*Apple® iOS version available on iTunes
*Android® version available on Google Play

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"This is the most exciting singing experience ever.... it makes bad singers sound great!..."
-The View - Whoopi Goldberg & Sherri Shepherd entertain with Singtrix & perform a rendition of "I Will Survive"

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*From the creators of the original Guitar Hero® game! Guitar Hero is a registered trademark of Activision Publishing, Inc. Activision is not associated or affiliated with Sing Trix in any way.